How Healthy Habits & Intuitive Eating Can Work Together

Me & my husband left our kids with his brother to spend the weekend in Cancun. We are staying at an amazing resort & having such a good time together. I love that with us it still feels like dating & it’s fun to get to focus on just the two of us for a few days while we’re away from our kids.

My kids are a lot of fun to travel with & it’s fun to watch movies or play games with them during a flight but sometimes it feels really nice to just sit & read a book or flip through a magazine without feeling like the worlds crappiest mom!!

When we first got the resort neither of us were hungry yet & after spending so much time on a plane I was ready to move a little so we walked the beach. I love that I am an active person. It occurred to me during my walk that not all habits I formed in the pursuit of trying to control my weight were bad ones. By nature I love to move, but that doesn’t mean I wake up every morning dying to hit the gym. Most mornings it’s just what I do. I now listen when I don’t want to go, but I don’t crave exercise like I crave a brownie. I just know that overall I feel better when I include exercise in my life so I make it a priority.

It’s a little like that with choosing foods. A lot of times I’m hungry but not particularly craving anything. I’ve realized that I feel my best when my default for meals like this is to include foods that are good for my body. I feel lucky that I can eat things like Wendy’s or McDonalds and feel perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice to have as my go to if I’m not craving it or short on time where it’s necessary to go with the easiest option.

When I thought I could use healthy choices to control my weight it never worked & only became something to rebel against. Once I got to a place where I accepted that I didn’t have control over what I weighed I was able to make healthy choices from a place of self care instead of disordered thoughts.

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