Intuitive Eating Struggle…..Navigating Cravings

In my days of wanting to control my weight I would occasionally allow “cheats” or “splurges” where I would offer things up I normally avoided, “go ahead, have the cookies”. Now I can have them any time, but I’ve realized I’ve basically taken the same mindset I had while dieting & am constantly offering them up to myself. I’m pretty content with a meal followed by a square of dark chocolate for dessert, but when my inner rebel is saying “go ahead, have the cookies”, it starts to sabotage me. I create external cravings instead of waiting for internal ones. I love cookies, but don’t really crave them every day or with every meal. Having a cookie as dessert doesn’t leave me feeling awful, but if my default is cookies after every meal, I don’t feel as good overall!! A square of dark chocolate is just enough sweet to satisfy my dessert craving & I can have it with every meal without ever feeling “blah” so I save the cookies for when I’m actually craving them, but when I’m constantly challenging myself with thoughts of “if you really thought of all foods as equal, you’d choose the cookie”, I make choices based on external guidelines. I’ve brought black & white thinking into Intuitive Eating when really it’s okay to choose to error on the side of Gentle Nutrition when I’m not particularly craving anything!!

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