Intuitive Eating….Letting Go Of Unrealistic Expectations

I was recently listening to a John Maxwell podcast & he talked about our ability to do just a little bit better & that the problem with most of us is that we think the difference of going from ordinary to extraordinary is much bigger than it actually is. He talked about how we all have our baseline on a scale from 1-10 & that we all can usually move up a notch, probably 2, & maybe even 3. I love that it takes into consideration where you are & sets a realistic idea of what you can accomplish.

In my days of trying to control my weight, I would decide I needed to be a 10 most days & occasionally allow for a “splurge”, but for the most part I would have unreasonable expectations about how I should eat! I would find myself unable to stick to the unrealistic goals & would end up having days where I would completely overdo it on all the forbidden foods, and vow to start striving for the 10 again “tomorrow”.

Once I found Intuitive Eating I thought that if I just allowed myself unconditional permission to eat & thought of all foods as equal for long enough, I would eventually take good care of myself without trying at all. After almost 2 years of trying to eat more intuitively I’ve been coasting for some time now at a level where I don’t feel my best & am ready to try making choices that feel better instead of waiting around to “crave” those choices. I need a little more gentle nutrition in my life but without any diet mentality. So I’m using this idea & shooting to do just a little bit better. Some days will still be ordinary, & some will fall even below that, but what if I tried to do just a little bit better each day. No huge life overhaul, just striving to hit a few goals on as many days as I can. Some of the things I’d like to focus on…

  • Getting enough sleep each night.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Adding more fruits & vegetables to my diet.
  • Choosing default foods that nourish my body if I’m not particularly craving anything.

The first day I tried this, I didn’t start so well. I was tired & my body wasn’t in the mood to do much better than ordinary. I was jonesing for food even though I wasn’t hungry, & didn’t feel like having any fruits or vegetables with breakfast or lunch. Old me would have forced myself to make those choices, but new me said if all we hit is ordinary today, we’re still doing good enough. I really thought of what would satisfy me & listened when I wanted a bowl of cereal & an english muffin with butter & jelly for lunch. I quit jonesing for food once I satisfied the craving for carbs & moved on. Later that day, I was finally ready to include some fruits & veggies & at the end of the day was happy that I hit a few of the goals I set for myself, even getting into bed earlier than usual. Today might be ordinary, or I could move a move a little closer to extraordinary. The key is letting go of impossible standards & paying attention each day to where it’s realistic for me to be.

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