How Do You Quit Craving Carbs?

One of the mornings in Disneyland we went to a breakfast place where there wasn’t much to choose from. There was a vegetarian breakfast sandwich with eggs & cheese or a Belgium waffle with butter & syrup. The old me would have picked the sandwich thinking the protein had more staying power, but the new me knew she wanted the waffle. I ordered the waffle, loved every bite, but realized I had eaten enough about 3/4 of the way through & gave the rest to my son who was still hungry.

It used to be that eating carbs like that would light up my taste buds & I would feel like a bottomless pit around them. I would eat the whole waffle & still want more. It would almost be like I opened a floodgate & I would want to keep eating carbs until I felt sick. I believed that they were created to fool my hunger & fullness cues & that I couldn’t trust my body to know how much to have. I remember thinking that I couldn’t TOTALLY let go of control even with intuitive eating because I figured there were just some foods that I had to be extra careful around & thought it would always be like that.

For a while I was overly careful but as time went on I started listening. If my brain said more carbs, I started to eat more carbs. I replaced my breakfast of eggs with cereal or oatmeal and added in dinners like spaghetti with garlic bread to the mix. I had less & less protein and more & more carbs and the carb obsession went away. They lost their power over me & I no longer felt I needed will power to control myself around them. I found I am someone who needs more fat & carbs & less protein. Fighting that just lead to carb cravings & an out of control feeling around carbs. So I finally learned that the only way to quit craving carbs is to eat more of them.

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