Intuitive Eating Struggle….The Rebel vs. The Perfectionist

There are 2 inner voices who fight for control with most of what I do. The inner perfectionist & the inner rebel. How I use my time, how I spend my money, and how I eat are all areas of my life that these voices struggle to control. When either of these voices have too much influence over my choices, things don’t go well. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating Struggle….The Rebel vs. The Perfectionist”

Intuitive Eating Struggle…..Navigating Cravings

In my days of wanting to control my weight I would occasionally allow “cheats” or “splurges” where I would offer things up I normally avoided, “go ahead, have the cookies”. Now I can have them any time, but I’ve realized I’ve basically taken the same mindset I had while dieting & am constantly offering them up to myself. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating Struggle…..Navigating Cravings”

Intuitive Eating….Letting Go Of Unrealistic Expectations

I was recently listening to a John Maxwell podcast & he talked about our ability to do just a little bit better & that the problem with most of us is that we think the difference of going from ordinary to extraordinary is much bigger than it actually is. He talked about how we all have our baseline on a scale from 1-10 & that we all can usually move up a notch, probably 2, & maybe even 3. I love that it takes into consideration where you are & sets a realistic idea of what you can accomplish.

In my days of trying to control my weight, I would decide I needed to be a 10 most days & occasionally allow for a “splurge”, but for the most part I would have unreasonable expectations about how I should eat! Continue reading “Intuitive Eating….Letting Go Of Unrealistic Expectations”

Intuitive Eating….The 3 Struggles I Needed To Overcome

  1. I had to accept that I couldn’t force my body to be the size I wanted to be, but had to accept the size I was meant to be. I could either spend a lifetime fighting against that in a tug of war with my body, where I engage in disordered eating behaviors & it fights back with intense cravings & binges, or I could learn how to become an intuitive eater again. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating….The 3 Struggles I Needed To Overcome”

3 Things That Helped In My Struggle To Work Out Less

I was never all that good at eating less so I became really good at exercising more. By nature I am someone who likes to move so it was easier for me to add in exercise than to cut out food. It hit a point where I was spending 3 or more hours a day doing a mix of running, biking, walking, & weights and would feel stressed on days where I couldn’t fit it all in. Even on the one day I took “off” each week I’d still go for a walk & get on the bike. It wasn’t a fun way to live but I felt trapped, worrying that without it I’d either gain weight quickly, or not be able to eat much at all.

In the beginning it was easier to give up calorie counting & allow all foods than it was to cut back on exercise so I waited until I was comfortable with the food side before tackling my disordered relationship with exercise. It took some time but these were a few of the things that helped me let go: Continue reading “3 Things That Helped In My Struggle To Work Out Less”

Intuitive Eating…..Feeling Hungry ALL THE TIME & Craving ALL THE FOOD

In the beginning it was really hard to eat intuitively. I was tired of rules but felt out of control around food without them. It felt scary to let go of control & hard to believe that I would ever get to a point where it would be easy to wait for hunger, respect fullness, & not feel out of control around things like chips, fried foods, & desserts. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating…..Feeling Hungry ALL THE TIME & Craving ALL THE FOOD”

3 Thoughts On Hunger, Cravings, & Set Point Range

  1. When I was trying to control my weight I would feel hungry all the time. The taste of highly palatable food would want make me want to eat all of it making me feel as if I couldn’t control myself around certain foods. It was hard to be patient & trust that I would eventually get past that point but after a while all the foods that used to be kryptonite foods lost their power. Continue reading “3 Thoughts On Hunger, Cravings, & Set Point Range”

Diet Mentality Vs. Gentle Nutrition & 3 real life examples

There is a fine line between diet mentality & gentle nutrition & it was hard to know the difference between being guided by gentle nutrition vs. being controlled by leftover diet mentality. It didn’t help that both can have some similar objectives such as eating more fruits, vegetables, & whole grains but the motivation behind those objectives is different. Gentle nutrition is done with the goal of taking care of my body with nutritious foods but also my soul with choices that leave me both physically & mentally satisfied. Diet mentality is done with a goal of weighing less at any cost.

I’m on vacation with my family which has made me realize how differently eating is for me now. The following meals from vacation all show how different life looks now that my choices are guided by gentle nutrition instead of diet mentality.

Continue reading “Diet Mentality Vs. Gentle Nutrition & 3 real life examples”

Intuitive Eaters Aren’t Perfect Eaters

When trying to control my weight I would suffer from the “what the hell” effect. I’d do something against the diet rules & once the rules had been broken, I couldn’t undo it so I’d figure I might as well give up & start again later. It was really just a free pass to overeat or binge & it pretty well sums up what is wrong with diets. This all or attitude nothing was impossible to live up to so I’d set myself up to fail from the start. Unless I followed the rules perfectly, I’d fail. Continue reading “Intuitive Eaters Aren’t Perfect Eaters”

3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be

In the beginning I had to learn to let go of food rules & exercise goals, but doing that didn’t make me an intuitive eater. I didn’t really know how to wait for hunger or stop when I was satisfied. I wasn’t even sure what the right level of hunger felt like & had no idea how to tell what I was craving because I wanted to eat all the fun foods that I had been restricting. I had to spend some time not eating very intuitively at all to learn how to eat intuitively. Continue reading “3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be”

5 Surprising Lessons Intuitive Eating Taught Me About My Weight

After spending most of my live living under the impression that I had control over what I weighed, learning to let go of that control was not that easy.   Pancakes for breakfast, wouldn’t that lead to weight gain?  A Pina Colada on vacation, wouldn’t a vodka club be the better choice if I didn’t want to gain weight? Letting go of all the rules of what I should & shouldn’t do was hard when I felt like some of those rules were keeping me from gaining weight. The problem was though that when I worked hard to weigh less, it sucked most of fun out of life, & it was a little frustrating to be the one who never missed a workout & always said no to dessert, but still never felt happy with how my body looked.   The top 5 things I learned by finally letting go of rules were….. Continue reading “5 Surprising Lessons Intuitive Eating Taught Me About My Weight”

Summer In Winter Park & Baking With No Regrets

We’ve spent the past week at our cabin in the mountains. We ride our bikes almost everywhere we go here & have gone to the library, to shop at the base, & to dinner at night. We’ve watched movies, played games, & gone on hikes. My boys have played tennis at the nearby park & yesterday me & my daughter made salt water taffy. My kitchen at home is quite a bit bigger, so it’s funny that I prefer cooking here. There’s something about smaller that just feels more cozy & less counter space makes it so much easier to clean up!! Continue reading “Summer In Winter Park & Baking With No Regrets”

No Longer Dieting Doesn’t Make You An Intuitive Eater

After reading “Intuitive Eating”, I wanted a life with freedom from food rules & exercise goals but struggled with “reject the diet mentality”. Diets may not work for most, but I was pretty good at food rules & exercise goals. Of the people in my life there are very few intuitive eaters. I have those that are careful eaters & work hard at staying “in shape” but also those that are more entitled eaters who eat what they want when they want to & don’t live the healthiest lives or feel their best. While I was sick of being on the diet mentality side of the coin I still wanted to make choices that honored my health & left me feeling good. Continue reading “No Longer Dieting Doesn’t Make You An Intuitive Eater”

Old Me Vs. New Me

On carbs….

Old me used to feel like a bottomless pit around carbs. Cookies, cake, brownies, & bread would light up my brain in a way that made me want to EAT ALL THE CARBS. It felt like I had to use incredible amounts of will power to keep myself from going overboard on those things & during weak moments or after a few drinks when my defenses we’re down I would find myself eating way too much of those foods & feeling overly full & bloated and would be furious with myself for my lack of will power & vow to stay away from these kryptonite foods. Continue reading “Old Me Vs. New Me”

How Healthy Habits & Intuitive Eating Can Work Together

Me & my husband left our kids with his brother to spend the weekend in Cancun. We are staying at an amazing resort & having such a good time together. I love that with us it still feels like dating & it’s fun to get to focus on just the two of us for a few days while we’re away from our kids.

Continue reading “How Healthy Habits & Intuitive Eating Can Work Together”

How Do You Quit Craving Carbs?

One of the mornings in Disneyland we went to a breakfast place where there wasn’t much to choose from. There was a vegetarian breakfast sandwich with eggs & cheese or a Belgium waffle with butter & syrup. The old me would have picked the sandwich thinking the protein had more staying power, but the new me knew she wanted the waffle. I ordered the waffle, loved every bite, but realized I had eaten enough about 3/4 of the way through & gave the rest to my son who was still hungry.

It used to be that eating carbs like that would light up my taste buds & I would feel like a bottomless pit around them. Continue reading “How Do You Quit Craving Carbs?”

IE at Disneyland

One of the things I love at Disneyland are the Churros. There’s nothing that tastes better than a warm Churro when you’re hungry after walking all day in Disneyland!!

In the beginning of trying to eat more intuitively, even the smell in the air walking by a Churro stand would light up the part of my brain that made me want to EAT THEM ALL. Continue reading “IE at Disneyland”

The Morning Before A Flight

Today my crew is heading to Disney Land. We spent yesterday running around & got up this morning to finish getting everything that had to be done finished before we left. On days like this I wake up frazzled & a little stressed but my kids wake up overly excited. While I love their enthusiasm & wish I could let the excitement of a trip give me the same silly high, my reality is that I’m usually racing around trying to get all the last minute stuff done & not a whole lot of fun to be around. Continue reading “The Morning Before A Flight”

Manicure With My Girl

When we were having kids I hoped I’d eventually have a daughter. I worried that a son wouldn’t want to bake with me (not true) and that I wouldn’t have as much in common with a son that I would have with a daughter (also not true). Of all the things I’ve done with my kids the only thing I’ve done with my daughter but not my sons is a mani/pedi.

Continue reading “Manicure With My Girl”

What Happens When You Eat A Little More On The Weekend…..

Today I’m not that hungry. I woke up, went for a run, had a bowl of blueberries with my coffee & never felt all that hungry after that. I used to deprive myself all week to get to the weekend & lift the strict rules for a couple of days. Continue reading “What Happens When You Eat A Little More On The Weekend…..”

How Doing It Wrong Helped Me Get It Right

When I was started working towards becoming a more intuitive eater it was hard not to feel guilty when I felt I was doing any of it “wrong”. Things like eating when I wasn’t hungry or eating past full didn’t seem intuitive at all. Continue reading “How Doing It Wrong Helped Me Get It Right”

Pseudo Dieting Or Gentle Nutrition

When I gave up dieting & started learning to become an intuitive eater I was really excited to start baking again & made cookies, brownies, and other desserts almost every weekend.  The more I included these foods, the less out of control I felt around them & eventually it became easy to feel satisfied with enough.  Continue reading “Pseudo Dieting Or Gentle Nutrition”

How An Intuitive Eater Eats

For me an Intuitive Eater is a person who most of the time waits to eats when they are hungry and stops when they have had enough.  They eat the foods they really want, pay attention to how those foods make them feel, and use that knowledge to make CHOICES based on what they usually want or don’t want to do, not RULES about what they should or should not do.  Continue reading “How An Intuitive Eater Eats”

Super Bowl Weekend

Last week we went to Vegas & than had friends come stay in Winter Park with us for Super Bowl weekend.  It was a great week with lots of good food & drinks. The friends who stayed with us put a lot of focus on staying thin, they are careful eaters who eat lite during the day if they think they will be having extra food or drinks at night.  As happy as I am to no longer be stuck in that world, being around it always takes a toll on my confidence.   Continue reading “Super Bowl Weekend”

Intuitive Eating…..Soul Sucking vs. Soul Nourishing

At Christmas it was so nice to go through holiday baking, parties, more eating out, & less exercise without the stress & guilt that trying to control my weight used to bring.  It was so much fun to eat what I most wanted without ever feeling too full and enjoy all the fun of the holidays without thoughts of how I’d make up for it later.  So I was surprised when January came & old feelings started to creep back in.  Going through weeks where I exercise less & eat out more are fun but don’t always leave me feeling my best. I wanted to feel better & include more foods that nourish my body & find more time for exercise, but for me anytime I started to think that way, it usually just meant I wanted to lose weight.

Continue reading “Intuitive Eating…..Soul Sucking vs. Soul Nourishing”

5 Things That Help Me Eat More Intuitively

  1. I make sure my meals are filled with foods I love that left me feeling satisfied instead of wanting more.  I try to include as many food groups as possible in my meals to fuel my body & make me feel energized.
  2. I avoid anything that feels like diet food to me.  Diet foods can create a “halo effect” making me feel like I deserve something more when my goal is to have satisfying meals that don’t leave me feeling short changed.
  3. I sit down & eat slowly.  I try to make everything I eat something that I really love, so I usually take time to make sure to enjoy what I’m having.
  4. I’m intentional about my cravings.  I don’t eat anything just because I can. If I’m not going to eat past full,  I can only fit so much in my stomach so I make sure to pick things I really want which is so much more satisfying than grabbing on old piece of halloween candy or handfuls of cereal out of the box.  I deserve better than that.
  5. If I am debating on if I am hungry or not, I wait.  Meals taste better & are more satisfying when I am truly hungry.

Foods That Satisfy Cravings Don’t Always Satisfy Hunger

When I started eating more intuitively, it wasn’t always easy to stop eating foods I used to think of as “bad”.  When I would eat them, there seemed to always be room for more. I found that the key to honoring fullness with these foods was in knowing what they do & don’t satisfy. They are really good at satisfying a craving & awful at satisfying hunger.  Once I knew what these foods were good for, it was easier to set myself up to succeed with them. The best way to satisfy a craving was to give myself full permission to have some & sit down & enjoy every bite. But just because my craving had been satisfied, might not mean my hunger had been.  The taste, texture, & smell of a lot of these foods are designed to make people even hungrier.  That’s where giving myself full permission to continue to eat something that satisfies hunger comes in.

In the past I would think, “you’ve already indulged, don’t make it worse by adding to it”, but that left me trying to walk away from foods I loved, still feeling hungry, which at times felt impossible. Now it’s a double win.  I can enjoy what I am craving 100% guilt free, always walk away feeling satisfied, and I’ve found that by including plenty of nourishing  foods that satisfy hunger in my diet I have fewer cravings, feel more energized & healthy, and can hear my hunger & fullness cues so much better.  I used to think I was a bottomless pit, never able to feel full.  This completely changed when I quit limiting myself & focused on nourishing my body.  When my body was no longer deprived of cravings or nourishment I quit feeling the desire to binge.

My Intuitive Eating Fears

When I first heard about Intuitive Eating it sounded a lot harder than any diet I had tried.  I pictured a constant argument with myself over if I was hungry or not & what was the right level of full.  I felt like a bottomless pit, able to eat large quantities of food without ever feeling all that full, especially when I included less nutritious foods in my diet.  Without the rules of a diet to guide me how would I ever know what, when, & how much to eat?

On balancing low nutrient & high nutrient foods…


Why wouldn’t I eat Oreos, Milk Duds, ice cream, or brownies everyday if I was really eating what I wanted.  It seems to me I always have room for dessert.  Plus some of them only make me hungrier when I eat them.  I had over-eaten those things plenty of times when I didn’t have enough will power to stop.


After a few times overdoing it on less nutritious foods I quickly learned that I didn’t WANT to overdo it & feel miserable.  Once I trusted that I could have those foods when I wanted, it became silly to overdo it on them & feel miserable.

I realized that in the past when I would underfeed myself, my body was desperate for nutrients & because a lot of these foods aren’t very good at satisfying hunger, my body wasn’t good at registering full which would leave me overeating them & feeling out of control.  When I would remind myself that these foods were only good at satisfying a craving & if I was still hungry I should switch to something better at satisfying hunger, they no longer had the same effect.

On body acceptance & rejecting the diet mentality……


If I actually eat what I most want,  won’t it be like how I eat on vacation or holidays when I’m taking a “break” from diet rules & calorie counting?  I always hate how I feel after that “time off” and am usually excited to get back to rules & restrictions.

Continue reading “My Intuitive Eating Fears”

Why I Wanted To Quit Dieting

I had been on an endless cycle of trying to be “healthy”, doing “good” for a short amount of time, and eventually missing certain “bad” foods, or a the feeling of being satisfied after eating a meal.  I always had to make myself stop eating & when I was good I would stop, but when I didn’t have enough will power to stop, I would keep going, usually to the point of eating WAY too much.  I would have a “what the hell” moment where if I had already blown my good day, might as well keep going. It wasn’t a healthy relationship with food and it wasn’t fun to eat anymore.  Continue reading “Why I Wanted To Quit Dieting”