What Happens When You Eat A Little More On The Weekend…..

Today I’m not that hungry. I woke up, went for a run, had a bowl of blueberries with my coffee & never felt all that hungry after that. I used to deprive myself all week to get to the weekend & lift the strict rules for a couple of days. Monday would come with plans for undoing the damage with more exercise & less food, but now I just eat what I want when I’m hungry & move my body in a way that feels good when I have time. The thing is that Monday usually comes with less hunger though. Food is normally part of our weekend plans & this weekend was no different. Friday was a Sushi date night with my husband, Saturday was homemade pizza & brownie night with my daughter & her friends who were having a sleepover, & Sunday we met my parents for dinner. After a full weekend like that I tend to not feel all that hungry on Monday & sometimes even Tuesday too. It’s amazing to me that my body is perfectly good at balancing days where I eat more with less hunger later without me trying to control things at all.

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