PMS & Eating Intuitively

When I started trying to eat more intuitively, every month when PMS would hit I would feel ready to throw in the towel. I would feel bloated & even worse about the weight I had gained during the process. I would have a distorted view of myself in the mirror, only noticing what was wrong instead of what was right. Lately I’ve noticed that I no longer feel ready to run back to food rules & exercise goals during that time of the month anymore but that doesn’t mean I feel good about myself. There is almost always that one day where I’m feeling particularly bad about myself (like yesterday) and choose to eat even when I’m not hungry with hopes that it will make me feel better only it NEVER works & I’m only left feeling overly full on top of everything else. The great news is that it’s just a day, and experiences make the best teachers!! I learned that nope, food does not in fact help PMS at all. Next time I will try taking a walk or reading a book instead. Today I woke up feeling a little more like myself, PMS will pass just like it does every month.

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