5 Things That Help Me Eat More Intuitively

  1. I make sure my meals are filled with foods I love that left me feeling satisfied instead of wanting more.  I try to include as many food groups as possible in my meals to fuel my body & make me feel energized.
  2. I avoid anything that feels like diet food to me.  Diet foods can create a “halo effect” making me feel like I deserve something more when my goal is to have satisfying meals that don’t leave me feeling short changed.
  3. I sit down & eat slowly.  I try to make everything I eat something that I really love, so I usually take time to make sure to enjoy what I’m having.
  4. I’m intentional about my cravings.  I don’t eat anything just because I can. If I’m not going to eat past full,  I can only fit so much in my stomach so I make sure to pick things I really want which is so much more satisfying than grabbing on old piece of halloween candy or handfuls of cereal out of the box.  I deserve better than that.
  5. If I am debating on if I am hungry or not, I wait.  Meals taste better & are more satisfying when I am truly hungry.

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