Perfect Bodies Aren’t Real


Looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog used to make me feel pretty crummy about my own body.  Technically I knew that they were airbrushed & had probably barely eaten during the weeks leading up to the photo shoot, but that knowledge didn’t help me feel any better about my love handles, cellulite, and extra belly fat I had been trying to reduce since it showed up somewhere around puberty.  So when I read an article about how they make the girls look the way they do in the Victoria’s Secret catalog it made me see things in a different light.  One thing the article mentioned was that the girls were actually too skinny in some places & curves had to be photoshopped back in.  These girls work really hard to be skinny enough to be a Victoria’s Secret girl, but they STILL don’t have bodies good enough for the catalog.  They couldn’t just gain weight to look good enough for the catalog because in real life no one just gains weight in the areas that look better curvy.  They need the girls to start out too thin because the curves they need for the catalog can be photoshopped in & the parts that are still not quite skinny enough can be photoshopped out leaving you with a picture of a body that can’t actually be achieved by anyone.  What is even worse is that this is the yardstick so many girls use to measure themselves by.

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