3 Thoughts On Hunger, Cravings, & Set Point Range

  1. When I was trying to control my weight I would feel hungry all the time. The taste of highly palatable food would want make me want to eat all of it making me feel as if I couldn’t control myself around certain foods. It was hard to be patient & trust that I would eventually get past that point but after a while all the foods that used to be kryptonite foods lost their power. I thought I would always have to be on guard with things like chips, desserts, & fried food. It took quite a while for those foods to lose their affect on me but once my body finally learned I could have those foods anytime I wanted I no longer craved them all the time, & when I did I felt satisfied with a smaller amount.
  2. On vacation I can’t eat like I used to. In my dieting days there were always a few weeks/months of under eating & over exercising to get “in shape” for vacation where I would show up STARVING and want to eat ALL THE FOOD. Now that I no longer do anything to control my weight it’s made vacation food so much less exciting. It can feel almost disappointing to be able to have anything I want but not really want any of it!!
  3. Now that I am better at knowing my hunger & fullness signals I can tell where I am within my set point range. When I get to to higher end of the range food doesn’t taste as good & I’m less hungry. When I get to the lower end of the range everything starts tasting better & I am so much more hungry. Now that I see this I realize I why controlling my weight always seemed so frustrating!!

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