Why I Wanted To Quit Dieting

I had been on an endless cycle of trying to be “healthy”, doing “good” for a short amount of time, and eventually missing certain “bad” foods, or a the feeling of being satisfied after eating a meal.  I always had to make myself stop eating & when I was good I would stop, but when I didn’t have enough will power to stop, I would keep going, usually to the point of eating WAY too much.  I would have a “what the hell” moment where if I had already blown my good day, might as well keep going. It wasn’t a healthy relationship with food and it wasn’t fun to eat anymore.  When I would see my daughter eat what sounded good and finish when she was full, I wanted to go back to the days when I used to eat like that too.  She goes though Holidays & vacations, and can eat at restaurants without ever gaining excess weight because she can eat things that aren’t as healthy but knows to stop when she is full so she is never overeating. And when she does eat a little more at one meal, I notice she naturally eats less at another meal.

What happens as we grow up in a world where there is so much focus on trying to achieve the “perfect” body we see on airbrushed girls in magazines that we completely forget how to eat in a way the gives us the perfect body for us? And how sad is it that chances are my perfect daughter will someday lose that too.

So I decided I wanted to make a change to how I ate. For me there was a lot of diet baggage that wasn’t working & making me crazy around food. I counted calories & was constantly trying to eat less than what my body needed. I had a lot of foods that made me feel out of control & so I decided I couldn’t be trusted around them. When I wouldn’t let myself have them I eventually “cheat”, and when I have one bite there was no stopping me until I had WAY too much.  It wasn’t what I wanted my daughter to see me do.  I want her to see me eating just like her.  Eating when I was hungry, never getting too full, and including all foods, both ones that nourish my body & those that nourish my soul.

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