Intuitive Eating Struggle….The Rebel vs. The Perfectionist

There are 2 inner voices who fight for control with most of what I do. The inner perfectionist & the inner rebel. How I use my time, how I spend my money, and how I eat are all areas of my life that these voices struggle to control. When either of these voices have too much influence over my choices, things don’t go well. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating Struggle….The Rebel vs. The Perfectionist”

Intuitive Eating Struggle…..Navigating Cravings

In my days of wanting to control my weight I would occasionally allow “cheats” or “splurges” where I would offer things up I normally avoided, “go ahead, have the cookies”. Now I can have them any time, but I’ve realized I’ve basically taken the same mindset I had while dieting & am constantly offering them up to myself. Continue reading “Intuitive Eating Struggle…..Navigating Cravings”