3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be

In the beginning I had to learn to let go of food rules & exercise goals, but doing that didn’t make me an intuitive eater. I didn’t really know how to wait for hunger or stop when I was satisfied. I wasn’t even sure what the right level of hunger felt like & had no idea how to tell what I was craving because I wanted to eat all the fun foods that I had been restricting. I had to spend some time not eating very intuitively at all to learn how to eat intuitively. Continue reading “3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be”

No Longer Dieting Doesn’t Make You An Intuitive Eater

After reading “Intuitive Eating”, I wanted a life with freedom from food rules & exercise goals but struggled with “reject the diet mentality”. Diets may not work for most, but I was pretty good at food rules & exercise goals. Of the people in my life there are very few intuitive eaters. I have those that are careful eaters & work hard at staying “in shape” but also those that are more entitled eaters who eat what they want when they want to & don’t live the healthiest lives or feel their best. While I was sick of being on the diet mentality side of the coin I still wanted to make choices that honored my health & left me feeling good. Continue reading “No Longer Dieting Doesn’t Make You An Intuitive Eater”