Intuitive Eaters Aren’t Perfect Eaters

When trying to control my weight I would suffer from the “what the hell” effect. I’d do something against the diet rules & once the rules had been broken, I couldn’t undo it so I’d figure I might as well give up & start again later. It was really just a free pass to overeat or binge & it pretty well sums up what is wrong with diets. This all or attitude nothing was impossible to live up to so I’d set myself up to fail from the start. Unless I followed the rules perfectly, I’d fail.

I once heard that perfectionists are negative thinkers.  That something can be 95% great & they only focus on the 5% that wasn’t.  Someone who focuses on excellence however sees that it was mostly great.  They might see some negatives & learn & grow from them but their focus is on what went right instead of what went wrong.

When I started to think in terms of eating this way I could see that even if I thought I ate more than I needed to, had a snack when I was bored & not truly hungry, or had an extra cookie that I wasn’t really craving, that I was still succeeding.  I didn’t eat a little past full at dinner & say “what the hell, might as well finish off the ice cream in the freezer”, SUCCESS!!  I didn’t have an extra cookie & proceed to polish off the rest SUCCESS!! I didn’t decide after the snack to graze through the pantry for the rest of the day SUCCESS!!

Then you can take it a step further & treat yourself how you would treat a friend or your child.  You had a day where you needed a little bit extra, so what.  That is normal, none of us go around doing anything perfectly 100% of the time, why would it be any different with what & how we eat?  And expecting that it should be leads to standards that are impossible to live up to.  It’s what you do most of the time that takes you where you are going, not the things only happen sometimes!!

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