3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be

In the beginning I had to learn to let go of food rules & exercise goals, but doing that didn’t make me an intuitive eater. I didn’t really know how to wait for hunger or stop when I was satisfied. I wasn’t even sure what the right level of hunger felt like & had no idea how to tell what I was craving because I wanted to eat all the fun foods that I had been restricting. I had to spend some time not eating very intuitively at all to learn how to eat intuitively.

    I had to eat when I wasn’t hungry quite a few times before realizing food just doesn’t taste as good & isn’t that satisfying when I’m not hungry. At first waiting for hunger felt restrictive when I’d have days where I wanted to eat when I wasn’t hungry & it was hard to think of reasons not to eat that didn’t involve weighing less. When I used weighing less as my motivation to stop myself from eating, intuitive eating became just another diet. Instead I had to get to a place where I wanted to wait because food tasted better & I enjoyed it more when I did.
    I had to eat past satisfied many times before I learned how much more energy I have & how much better I feel when I stop at enough. Before intuitive eating I had always finished everything I allowed myself to eat, whether I was hungry or not. Learning to choose for myself how much is enough was hard, especially since I am someone who really looks forward to meals so it can be hard to see the meal come to an end. (This article by Elyse Resch really helped me when I was working through dealing with the sadness of enough.) When I keep having “just one more bite” to extend the meal I end up eating more food than my body needs which zaps my energy & doesn’t leave me feeling my best. Getting it wrong was what what taught me why it was worth it to stop at satisfied because I knew my days were better when I did.
    I had to let myself eat whatever I wanted in order to get to a point where I didn’t like the way living like that felt. Using how the food made me feel didn’t work for me because I don’t immediately feel terrible if I have fries instead of a side salad with my burger or a cookie instead of fruit after lunch. If those are my default choices though where I never eat fresh veggies or fruit & instead always choose chips, fries, & cookies, those choices don’t lead to my best life. Once I got to a place where I knew the chips, fries, and cookies weren’t going anywhere, I could let my default be foods that nourish my body & save the foods that nourish my soul for times when I’m actually craving those foods.

2 thoughts on “3 Things That Helped Me Became The Type Of Eater I Wanted To Be”

  1. I just want you to know that your website has been so so helpful for me. I had disordered eating in my teenage years and in my early 20’s was able to come out the other side. Now 10 years later after being in a stressful/demanding/emotionally abusive workplace it has returned. I am trying to stop by disordered eating habits by returning to intuitive eating. I have not come across any other website that has given me so many ‘aha’ moments. Thank you so much for writing all of this down, I am sure it is helping people besides myself!


    1. Thank you so much for such a nice comment!! I’m so glad that what I’ve written can help someone other than me 😂. When life feels out of control it sure is easy to use disordered food rules to try & get control of something!!


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