IE at Disneyland

One of the things I love at Disneyland are the Churros. There’s nothing that tastes better than a warm Churro when you’re hungry after walking all day in Disneyland!!

In the beginning of trying to eat more intuitively, even the smell in the air walking by a Churro stand would light up the part of my brain that made me want to EAT THEM ALL. The taste would make me feel like I had to use a lot of will power to make sure that I was actually hungry when I ate one & that I wasn’t eating past full (which was difficult to gauge with this type of food). I was sure that foods like these were created to fool my hunger & fullness cues & doubted that I would ever be able to truly trust my intuition with any of them. So I was amazed this trip when I passed my first Churro stand & they smelled amazing as usual but I knew I didn’t want one yet. I looked forward to later when I knew I’d be hungry for one, and didn’t think about them again until then.

That’s when I knew that I was different now. I leave food on my plate a lot, not because I want to fit in my skinny jeans or get my body ready for swim suit season, but because I want to be hungry again sooner rather than later & I’d rather not spend my day feeling too full & tired to enjoy it. It doesn’t take will power & there are no longer any kryptonite foods that make me lose control. In all honesty without restriction the food has lost a lot of its appeal & become just food again.

I no longer fear times when I’m away from my normal schedule & foods & instead look forward to having a break from the normal. I don’t spend vacation overly full & lethargic from eating too much anymore & don’t come back full of regrets with plans to undo the damage. I now enjoy the time with family and the new memories that creates without any food issues tainting the experience.

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