The Morning Before A Flight

Today my crew is heading to Disney Land. We spent yesterday running around & got up this morning to finish getting everything that had to be done finished before we left. On days like this I wake up frazzled & a little stressed but my kids wake up overly excited. While I love their enthusiasm & wish I could let the excitement of a trip give me the same silly high, my reality is that I’m usually racing around trying to get all the last minute stuff done & not a whole lot of fun to be around.

Being a grown up is hard. I love the break from adulting that vacation usually is, but in order to get there me & my husband are responsible for getting all the stuff done so we can actually go. It doesn’t help that my kids are great at telling me an hour before we leave that a pair of shorts they need is missing, or asking if I could get one last thing washed for them before we go. No wonder kids are in such great moods the morning before a trip. They have very little they need to accomplish in order to leave while me on the other hand has a head full of don’t forgets & must dos that need to be accomplished in order to make it to the airport on time.

It’s amazing to me how much I do yet how much guilt I feel if I’m not living up to my expectation to make every moment count. There’s so much pressure to create the perfect life and enjoy all the moments while kids are young so it’s hard not to feel guilty & like I’m doing it all wrong when some of the moments are just not that enjoyable.

Once we left the house I quickly turned into vacation Jen who is a lot more fun to be around. We all started talking about the first ride we want to do & memories from our last trip. No matter how hard we work at making every moment count, life isn’t perfect & some moments are going to be better than others. I live my happiest life when I give myself a whole lot of grace for the bad ones & focus on enjoying all of the good ones.

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