How An Intuitive Eater Eats

For me an Intuitive Eater is a person who most of the time waits to eats when they are hungry and stops when they have had enough.  They eat the foods they really want, pay attention to how those foods make them feel, and use that knowledge to make CHOICES based on what they usually want or don’t want to do, not RULES about what they should or should not do.  They don’t treat these choices like they are good & bad or always & never.  They honor cravings & have no more guilt or regret for eating a cupcake than they do eating a salad.  They use gentle nutrition to guide them to eat in a way that helps them feel their best but realize that they don’t have to be perfect eaters to nourish their body & that the stress that would come from trying to eat perfectly would do more harm than good.  They don’t exercise to make up for food choices, but rather as an act of self care, choosing to do so because when they include exerise they feel both happier & healthier.  They don’t use food & exercise to control their weight, but rather as a way to take care of the body they live in.  They realize that happiness doesn’t come from a smaller body, but comes from creating a life that is much more that the foods that they eat, how much they exerise, & what they look like.

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