Super Bowl Weekend

Last week we went to Vegas & than had friends come stay in Winter Park with us for Super Bowl weekend.  It was a great week with lots of good food & drinks. The friends who stayed with us put a lot of focus on staying thin, they are careful eaters who eat lite during the day if they think they will be having extra food or drinks at night.  As happy as I am to no longer be stuck in that world, being around it always takes a toll on my confidence.  

On Friday they made us dinner which was amazing.  Corned beef, cooked all day in the crockpot on sourdough with melted Swiss cheese, Sour Kraut, and Thousand Island dressing.  After a rushed, lighter than normal, lunch I was plenty hungry for my whole sandwich & still had room for dessert but eating with careful eaters has a way of making me question “did I really need all that when they only ate the meat….”

We made brownies for the Super Bowl party to go with the soup & appetizers.   I had one during the game. Everyone loved them so there weren’t any left. Someone else had brought brownie bites with icing. The kids ate the icing off the brownies, but said the brownies weren’t that good so I threw them out after the party. Later that night, the brownie bites were pulled back out of the trash.  I had already had one of the good brownies & was satisfied & knew if I wanted brownies again I could make good ones whenever I wanted, but in my restrictive eating days I too would have been eating those “not that great, but eat them while I can” brownies.

I am so normal around food & proud of where I am.  I don’t under eat all day to make up for eating out or drinks at night anymore & usually do a pretty good job of eating what I most want in an amount that feels good in my body.  It’s harder to do around those that are will power thin.  More & more though when I’m around it, I realize just how much happier I am without all the food & exercise rules & I feel a little sorry for those around me that are still stuck there.  I can actually enjoy experiences without guilt & regret over food choices in the background putting a damper on things.  It felt good to get to Monday & not starve myself, or overdo it on exercise to “make up” for a fun week & made me realize that it’s so much better to have a happy life than it is to fit into a smaller size.

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