The 10 Best Things About Eating Intuitively

  1. Eating more when I’m really enjoying something & trusting my body to balance it out in the end instead of forcing myself to exercise more or eat less later.
  1. 2. Looking forward to eating out, holidays, and dinners with friends or family without any anxiety over food & drinks.
  1. Sleeping in on mornings I didn’t feel like exercising without any guilt.
  1. Going out for ice cream for no other reason than it sounds good.
  1. Baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or banana bread whenever I want to & enjoy it every time.
  1. Going on a vacation and enjoying all the food & drinks without any guilt or regrets & not wasting any time feeling bloated & lethargic from overdoing it.
  1. Ordering what I most want at restaurants instead of what I think I should have.
  1. Appreciating my body more now that I’m not constantly focusing on my flaws.
  1. Eating out & picking up food during a busy week & enjoying the week off from cooking & grocery shopping instead of feeling anxiety over the affect it will have on my weight.
  1. My weight not noticeably changing when I exercise less, go on vacation, or over holidays.

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