Girls Night With My BFF (My Daughter) & Our Weekend

Me & my daughter have wanted to do a girls night at our cabin in Winter Park for a long time & we finally made it happen this week & we headed up on Thursday when she got out of school.  We wanted to see The Greatest Showman which started at 7:00 so once we got to the cabin we only had time for a quick dinner.  I toasted Einstein Bagels, melted pepperjack cheese on them & topped them with avocado.  This is one of my favorite quick easy meals & my daughter loves them just as much as I do.

We made it to the movie which for me used to mean I’d allow myself to eat a whole box of candy but intuitive eating changed that.  It used to be fun to have the free pass to eat as much candy as I wanted, but now that I can have candy whenever I want there’s no reason to binge just because I’m at the movie.  Old habits die hard though & it felt a little strange to admit I didn’t really want candy.  I brought a couple of Sees Suckers in case I craved something sweet during the movie &  ended up having one but not wanting the second.  It felt great to go to a movie & not feel awful after.  In the past I would almost dread movies knowing that I couldn’t help but eat too much candy, but now I can go to movies whenever I want, eat candy if I want & skip it if I don’t & either choice is guilt & stress free.

I got up the next morning & went for a quick run & did my weight routine while my daughter woke up.  We had a little breakfast & headed out to take our dog snowshowing.  My daughter did great & we took the entire trail that goes around our cabin.  It was beautiful out & we kept trying to take selfies but we always had to take about 15 before we found a picture we both agreed on.

We spent the rest of the day watching Gossip Girl while we baked oatmeal cookies & made an Oreo Ice Cream pie.  The old me would of had anxiety about baking.  I would have known I couldn’t control myself around it all & declared it a cheat day & given myself a free pass to eat what I wanted & promise to make up for it later.  Now I ask myself how it tastes, if I’m hungry, if it’s what I really want, & stop when I’ve had enough.  I don’t get too full & never eat less or work out more later to make up for anything, there’s nothing to make up for.  It’s funny though, I couldn’t stop overdoing it until I quit making up for “mistakes” first.  It was the “purge” that had to go before the “binge” went away.

Gossip Girl I’m sure isn’t the best show for a 12 year old, but does open up a lot of communication about things like not going somewhere alone with a boy you don’t know, choosing friends that bring out the best in you, & how sex, drugs, & alchol can really mess up your life.  My kids have grown up in a house where we talk about even the most uncomfortable stuff. We started early when they weren’t totally embarassed by it & still were strongly influenced by what me & my husband said.  As they’ve gotten older we still talk about everything & I love that we are close like that.  I get to hear what guys are saying in the highschool locker room, what kids are making bad choices, & who is thinking about having sex with who.

Our boys showed up a little before dinner on Friday.  I made French Dip in the Crockpot & bought a loaf of French Bread from Safeway to use for the sandwiches.  I love their french bread because there aren’t any ingredients in it that I can’t read the name of.  Once they were settled in we played “Stuff Happens” which is so much fun.  After that we started Wonder Women while we had dinner.  We were too full from dinner to cut into the Oreo Ice Cream Pie, but for something sweet we had some of the Oatmeal Cookies me & my daughter made. I was a little over sweets after the cookie dough, warm cookies & spoonfuls of Oreo ice cream that afternoon, but had 1/2 of a cookie with my cup of tea while we watched the movie.

Saturday we started watching Stranger Things, skied, & got in the hot tub.  I made chicken, rice, & black bean soup in the Crock Pot for dinner (love the crockpot at the cabin because dinner is just done & I can enjoy family time at night).  We had that while we watched the rest of Wonder Women that night.

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