Foods That Satisfy Cravings Don’t Always Satisfy Hunger

When I started eating more intuitively, it wasn’t always easy to stop eating foods I used to think of as “bad”.  When I would eat them, there seemed to always be room for more. I found that the key to honoring fullness with these foods was in knowing what they do & don’t satisfy. They are really good at satisfying a craving & awful at satisfying hunger.  Once I knew what these foods were good for, it was easier to set myself up to succeed with them. The best way to satisfy a craving was to give myself full permission to have some & sit down & enjoy every bite. But just because my craving had been satisfied, might not mean my hunger had been.  The taste, texture, & smell of a lot of these foods are designed to make people even hungrier.  That’s where giving myself full permission to continue to eat something that satisfies hunger comes in.

In the past I would think, “you’ve already indulged, don’t make it worse by adding to it”, but that left me trying to walk away from foods I loved, still feeling hungry, which at times felt impossible. Now it’s a double win.  I can enjoy what I am craving 100% guilt free, always walk away feeling satisfied, and I’ve found that by including plenty of nourishing  foods that satisfy hunger in my diet I have fewer cravings, feel more energized & healthy, and can hear my hunger & fullness cues so much better.  I used to think I was a bottomless pit, never able to feel full.  This completely changed when I quit limiting myself & focused on nourishing my body.  When my body was no longer deprived of cravings or nourishment I quit feeling the desire to binge.

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